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We at West Africa and Gulf Company Limited (WAGCOL) have a wide range of Spanish wines available to you: wines with international awards of an enviable quality, for all tastes, from reds to whites to semi-sweet and sparkling wines.


Among the catalog of liquors that we have, you will find brandy, gin, whiskey, pastis, rum and bitters with their elaboration processes and final flavors that manage to not go unnoticed.


If you are looking for prepared mixers, sangria, beer or cider, you will find a variety of drinks of such quality in the same catalog.


Our non-alcoholic drinks are designed for all types of public: from those who want to enjoy a good wine or beer without suffering the effects of alcohol to those who love soft drinks and juices.

Featured Products
  • In Alcoholic/ Featured
    Liquor – Bikila Bitters
  • In Alcoholic/ Featured
    Red Wine – Penasol Tempranillo Garnacha
  • In Featured/ Non Alcoholic
    Santa Isabel Red Grape
  • In Alcoholic/ Featured
    White wine – Joven Jordan
  • In Featured/ Food
    Ole Spaghetti – Familia Choice
  • In Featured/ Fruit Juice
    Don Simon Soya
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New Products
  • In Fruit Juice/ New
    2L Don Simon Red Grape
  • In Alcoholic/ New
    Red Wine – Penasol Sangria Brick 1.5L
  • In Alcoholic/ New
    Red Wine – Penasol Sangria PET 1.5L
  • In Fruit Juice/ New
    2L Don Simon Fruit Punch
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